Support Process

Whenever you request assistance by Roxen Support, your problem will be accurately detailed in our Service Request Tracking System and get a designated Case Number. A priority level of your choice will be assigned to the request.

Once our Technical Support Engineer has received the necessary information, he or she will start assesing, isolating and resolving the problem. If needed, the Technical Support Engineer may request and obtain assistance from the Tier Two Technical Support Team.

During the support process, you may be asked to provide additional information.

CriticalSystem production unit severely impacted or completely down. Project deliverables severely impacted. System operations of mission-critical applications are down
HighSame as "Normal" but with more attention because of escalation.
NormalProduction unit functioning with limited use. Production unit unstable, with periodic interruptions. Mission-critical applications are not affected, but system interruptions occur. Time-sensitive question impacting performance or deliverables.
LowGeneral information. Need clarification of procedures or information in documentation. Product enhancement requests.

Response times

Typically all phone support requests are responded to directly. However, should you not be able to reach a Technical Support Engineer during your first contact with Roxen Support, please leave a voice mail message and the next available Roxen support representative will respond to your call as rapidly as possible within the defined response times for the call priority. If you do leave a voice message or choose to contact Roxen via email or the web please provide you name, phone number, and call severity in your communications. After responding your call, our Technical Engineer will normally begin the process of isolating the problem and resolving it, the service request is then "Activated". Below is a matrix describing the different response times depending on the priority of the service request.

PriorityResponse ActivatedFeedback interval
Critical0 - 60 minImmediately4 hours
High4 hrsDailyDaily
Normal (Default priority)1 day  

Download the Support Guide

Please download the Roxen Customer Support Guide to learn about the support process in detail.