Roxen Editorial Portal Videos

How to install Adobe InDesign helper programs and plugins

Installing Roxen Application Launcher

This video describes how to download and install the Roxen Application Launcher from within Editorial Portal.

The Application Launcher is a tiny helper program that aids to integrate your desktop applications, such as Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, with the Editorial Portal.

Installing Roxen EP Connector

This video describes how to download and install the Roxen EP Connector from within Editorial Portal.

Roxen EP Connector is an InDesign plugin that integrates your desktop Adobe InDesign application with the Editorial Portal, enabling you to easily place planned editorial content onto your InDesign pages.

Using Roxen Editorial Portal

E-mailing a story to the system

This video shows how you can e-mail content straight to the system using nothing more than your regular e-mail program or smartphone. This can be the perfect option for freelancers to hand off material - you can set up several e-mail feeds for your News Editors to choose stories from, and even a separate feed for reader submissions.

Creating a new story

This video shows how to create a new story, from an e-mail original, using a Layout-Driven Editing (LDE) workflow. It shows how a complete story preview is rendered live as the story is updated using Adobe InDesign Server. It also shows how text can be written and modified using a rich-text editor that supports paragraph and character styles directly in a web browser.

Using shared web folders on Mac OS X

This video shows how you connect to the shared web folders of Roxen Editorial Portal from a Mac. The connection utilizes the WebDAV and HTTPS protocols, enabling you to connect securely from anywhere on the Internet even without a VPN.

The shared web folders connection is necessary if you want to work with high-resolution images and layout-driven editing from your Adobe InDesign client, but also enables you to easily upload text, images and Adobe InDesign layout files to the Roxen Editorial Portal server.

Multi-channel publishing

This is a 10-minute recording from Publishing & Media Expo 2013 in London, UK. Martin Karlgren demonstrates how to apply a magazine-style page template, add text and photos to a story, preview the printed version and finally send the same story to web and tablet.